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Polyurethanes in commercial applications

Buildings account for almost 40 percent of the total energy consumed in the U.S.  In commercial buildings, heating, cooling and ventilation consume 34 percent of the energy used onsite.  The building envelope provides a boundary between the interior of the building and the outdoor climate, and is designed to perform as an effective thermal barrier, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.  Foam plastic insulation products like polyisocyanurate foam provide some of the highest thermal resistance values, contributing to high energy efficient building envelopes.  Artector, Inc. is a certified installer of such systems.  Let us improve the thermal efficiency of your building!  Conserve natural resources, and save money!

Artector understands…

Artector understands that construction means more than simply following drawings and making sure a structure is up to code.  It is about making the architect’s and client’s vision come to life.  This means that details are as important as the bigger picture – the way a joint fits together, the careful installation of materials to showcase their beauty, the tweak of the exterior envelope systems to ensure maximum operational efficiency.


Doing business with excellence isn’t complicated, but it’s hard work!!  When you show up, work hard, meet deadlines, and make people happy, there’s almost no ceiling to the money you can make…


At Artector, sustainable construction is about more than just meeting certain requirements; it is about looking at the project as a whole from design to completion and finding areas where we can reduce our impact on the environment while remaining fiscally responsible.

Artector – what’s in a name?

Delivering stellar quality construction and maintenance safely on every project, Artector is able to remain on top of a very competitive industry.  Even the company name is a testimony to the service it provides. Artector Inc., consistently strives to improve its own performance, with outstanding people who are trained to succeed.  Artector – Artful Erector!  When we think of Artector, we think of Adroit, Proficient, Resourceful!!!

Artector’s pledge!

As a prospective client, Artector pledges its commitment to you without any reservation — the same commitment Artector makes to its existing clients.  No matter the size or scope of your project, you will get no less than Artector’s best effort.  It is Artector’s commitment that the completion of the project will only be the end of an assignment, not of a relationship.

Customer’s Thank You

It’s particularly delightful when you open up the daily mail and find a “thank you” note from a customer.  Many of us go through life, both personal and professional without stopping and putting forth effort to thank those who have given you particular satisfaction.  Today, we are pleased to share with you a letter from E.E.S. (Evergreen Environmental Services, Inc.) where Joe Hemple, Construction Manager, committed the following words to paper:  “Dear Anya, Evergreen Environmental Services Inc. (EES) would like to express our thanks to your company for the professionalism, the quality of product and installation as well as the time frame at which your company completed both the stucco and brick veneer on this project.  Your company was by far our best subcontractor on this job.  Your people were hard working and followed all Safety requirements as required by WISHA / OSHA.  EES looks forward to working with your company in the future.  Regards,” signed and dated.  This note was in reference to Jacksons # 500 in Battle Ground, WA.

Thank you Joe for being hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.  We will continue to make you proud.

Our people have a passion…

We thrive on complex projects that challenge our creativity and call for innovation.  We know we must compete and earn our work every day, and the leaders do that best.  We know that sustaining our team requires that we recruit, train, mentor, and motivate at every available opportunity.

We are up and running!

We are officially up and running.  We know it’s silly to blog on your own website about your own website up and running, but hey, it’s news enough to us, and we are going to blog about it!!  Come, click, share, browse, but don’t try to hack!  🙂

We deliver success!

We embrace our client’s initiatives as our own and respond with work that is inspired, strategic, cost-effective and well executed, ensuring that you achieve your objectives.

Project quality is…

You need a partner who can deliver the best project for your money, and Artector has the experience and proven processes to do just that. Our highly skilled self-perform workforce gives us unmatched control over project quality. All completed work is inspected on a daily basis, and any non-complying work is promptly corrected. Project quality is an important component of customer satisfaction, which is tracked on every project. Over the years, Artector has developed a long-standing reputation for delivering quality workmanship.

Building Enduring Relationships

For Artector, it is about our understanding of the expectations of our clients, partners and the communities we work in. From pre-construction to completion, we bring financial resources, depth of expertise, accountability and recognized leadership. The result is a common understanding which enables success and the ability to assemble the right team to build enduring relationships.

Standing Principles

* We walk our talk without excuses. We are known for long-standing principles of fairness and honesty.
* We offer respect, honesty, parity and courtesy to all of our customers, employees, and suppliers.
* We are good listeners and communicators. We believe in the synergy of teams.
* We add value to our projects through proven and innovative processes.
* We are committed to a culture of achievement. Achieving goals and keeping our promises creates significance and enjoyment in our careers.